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The Bonner Farms

Richard Bonner was raised on our family farm on Rt 44 in Auburn Township where Clifford and Kathryn bought a 5O-acre farm in 1946. One of 10 children we were all raised working on the farm. My family raised cows, pigs and hay and farmed a total of 600 acres on land rented from the City of Akron.

The Mantua farm of Jack and Opal Miner was purchased in 1995. The original farm was about 550 acres. We expanded in 2020 to 3,000 acres in northern Portage and southern Geauga counties as well as 400 acres of pasture in Tucker County West Virginia.

Bonner Farms currently feeds about 1,500 fat cattle per year, most of which are “natural” cattle that receive no hormones, steroids or antibiotics. We also have about 150 brood cows that calve each year that are raised in Ohio and West Virginia. Bonner Farms is “Global Animal Partnership Certified”. Cattle are afforded extra space and care by providing outside areas to roam.

We provide high quality certified angus beef that are corn fed providing excellent taste. Our practices provide our animals with an excellent quality of life.

We believe in accountability. When you purchase cattle from Bonner Farms you know exactly where your meat is coming from. Our name, address and phone number are on the label. We take pride in how we raise and how we treat our animals, to provide you with healthy, clean, safe and delicious food.

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Bonner Farms LTD

Fun Fact: The Bonner Farm has an airplane hanger AND it’s very own runway because Dick Bonner is a licensed pilot and still flies today.

Fun Fact: Bonner Farm had a Chapel & Cemetery built on the property in 2002 in memory of Kathryn and Cliff Bonner. It has also been used for family weddings and Christmas services through the years. 

Fun Fact: Bonner Farm has seven (7) Bulls on the farm for the purpose of breeding.

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