We’re Not Your Typical Cattle Company

Bonner Farms is a 100% vertically integrated farm and we want to show you exactly what that means

We Grow What They Eat

We grow all of the grass and grain fed to our cattle on our 3,000 acres of farm land. Using our own equipment, we plant and harvest all of the crops ourselves to ensure all of our cattle have the exact nutrition they need to grow healthy and strong naturally.

Black angus cows from Bonner Farms

We Raise The Cattle On Our Family Farm

The cattle we raise for Bonner Farms Beef (about 1,500 annually) come from our family farm in Mantua, Ohio. All of our cattle are raised in a humane and sustainable manner which contributes to the quality of the beef. In fact, between grazing land, crop land and lakes, Bonner Farms maintains a land-to-cattle ratio of 2 acres to each head of cattle.

G.A.P’s Animal Welfare Certified food labeling program means that animals are raise without the use of antibiotics, added hormones or animal by-products. In addition, all of our cattle are traced from birth, meaning we know when and where they were born.

We Know What DOES NOT Go Into Our Cattle

Bonner Farms cattle-raising process allows for a natural time-frame for the cattle to grow before they
are harvested. Unfortunatey, that is not the case for the majority of cattle raised in the United States.
After being weened from their mothers, most “industry cattle” are rapidly fattened to market weight in
feed lots using synthetic antibiotics and hormones.

We Hand Select Each Animal We Butcher

To ensure the highest the quality beef, we don’t rush mother nature. Dick Bonner hand selects each animal when they meet our high standards and are ready for processing. 

We Butcher Our Own Cattle

Unlike most farms, we DO NOT outsource the butchering process. Instead, we perform 100% of the butchering ourselves at our Garrettsville, Ohio location. In addition, because proper dry-aging is a critical step to improving the flavor, texture and tenderness of our beef, we dry age all of our beef for 14 days in our own state-of-the-art climate controlled room.

Finally, because we control the butchering process, we also control the type of cuts our customers want and can customize sizes & cuts to meet their needs.

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