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Bonner Farms Premium Natural Beef Brand

Natural Beef

To be considered part of Bonner Farms Natural brand, these animals have NEVER been given antibiotics or added hormones EVER…with the paperwork to back it up. Although we raise many of our cows from birth, sometimes we purchase animals and raise them until they’re ready to be harvested. The ability to trace an animal from birth and having verification that no antibiotics or added hormones were EVER administered is what allows these cows to considered for our highest brand level.

Bonner Farms Premium Natural Beef Brand

Premium Beef

Our Premium Beef brand means that just like all of our beef, these cows were humanely raised to the highest standard possible. In fact, the only difference between Premium Natural and this Premium brand is we cannot guarantee the animal is antibiotic or hormone free. These animals are raised on grass when for the first 12 months of their life and only fed a high-ration (combination of grain and grass) for the final 6-8 months until they meet our specifications. This type of process produces increased marbling and beef that is characterized as tender and flavorful.

Bonner Farms Premium Natural Beef Brand

Premium Grass Fed Beef

Our Premium Grass Fed Beef brand is very similar to our Premium Natural brand. However, these cows have been raised on grass for their full 18-22 month lifespan and have not been fed grain. Grass Fed Beef typically has a slightly different texture and taste when compared to cows raised on a combination of grain and grass. This beef is characterized as lean with decreased marbling.

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