Quick Custom Processing

Tired of waiting for weeks and months to get your quarter, half of full cow? We can take your custom processing request and have a cow ready for you in 10-20 days!

Quick Custom Processing

If you are looking for a quarter, half or full cow for your freezer, why wait weeks and months for it? At Bonner Farms Beef & Market, we offer “Quick Custom Processing” for you…and you only have to wait 10-20 days for it!

Here’s How It Works

  • We butcher and process cows weekly from our facility in Garrettsville.
  • You call or visit our market in Garrettsville to request a custom processed cow.
  • We take a cow that has been butchered, aged and ready to be processed
  • Our butcher works with you to complete a “cut sheet” for processing
  • We process the cow to your specifications and contact you within 10-20 days to arrange pickup.
  • When picking up your order, please come inside the market to pay for your order and then drive to Door #6.

Bonner Farms Beef & Market

12428 State Route 88
Garrettsville, OH 44231

Monday: Closed (beginning April 8th)
Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed

Call Us: 330-527-3444


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